Artists Alley

Are you an amateur or professional artist or illustrator? Do you create one of a kind pieces of your own artwork? Items that typically sell in Artist Alley include original artwork and commission pieces, postcards, stickers, bookmarks, and button badges. If this sounds like you are welcome to apply for Artist Alley!


Our Artists Alley are typically cheaper than standard trader tables and have a slightly smaller pitch area, prices for For the Love of Wrestling are £120 plus VAT for a single Artists Alley table for the course of the whole event. Please apply at or send any queries to​


Artists Alley is a place where amateur or professional artists and illustrators can showcase their original art pieces on a one-of-a-kind basis, typically an artist in this category will have a selection of work available but won't sell more than one piece of original art in their display area (as opposed to several prints of the same piece). They may also sell smaller printed version of original work in the form of postcards, bookmarks, button badges and stickers etc. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not you qualify for an Artists Alley table or a regular Trader table, please contact us at for more information.


Please click the button below to apply for one of our Artists Alley Tables at For the Love of Wrestling, adding "For the Love of Wrestling Artists Alley Application" into the subject line to avoid confusion. Applications that have failed to apply in this manner may well be missed when our team replies.