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For The Love Of Wrestling II

Cosplay Masquerede

Join in the Cosplay fun at For the Love of Wrestling 2022! Come dressed as whichever wrestling legend you like! Be it The Undertaker, or Kane or Sting or even The Ultimate Warrior or Hulk Hogan! Cosplay is all about the fun and with both a Kids and Adults Cosplay Masquerade live on stage, you have plenty to get excited about! THAT'S why they put the word "play" in the name!


Get ready for your Cosplay hostess with the mostess WishMama who will be on hand to celebrate the wonderful world of Cosplay in its entirety in out amazing For the Love of Wrestling Cosplay Masquerade!


We will start with the fabulous kiddies Cosplay Masquerade, a time where all those mini Cosplayers come up on stage and strut their stuff with their parents cheering on to give them a massive boost in their confidence!


Then its time for the adult Cosplayers to take to the stage to have their moment in the spotlight! We'll be encouraging the crowd to cheer for the faces and boo the heels! Everyone will be showing off the cosplays that they have either bought or made - we don't care which, we want to celebrate it all... it's all about Cosplay and it's all for everyone!


What a way to celebrate Cosplay each day! Remember crowd interaction is a must!


To join in the fun sign up on the day at the Cosplay Desk or email in advance to

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