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Props & Sets

For the Love of Wrestling 2020 offers far more than just the chance to mingle with your favourite sport stars and shop till you drop in our amazing Trader Zone, as with all of the Monopoly Events shows, we will also be bringing you a plethora of amazing props and sets to enjoy! What's more, you can get selfies with all our props and sets for free*! Some sets are also the base of operations for guest photograph opportunities and signings too

With accurate set builds and props, no self-respecting wrestling fan will be able to resist! And as always - it's all by the fans for the fans!


*Please note, some sets may be unavailable for selfies if in use for guest photo opportunities.

  • If we're building an announce table for you to sit behind, surely the next logical step is the completely and utterly totalled Spanish Announce table for you to lie on!


    Remember the old adage 'Please.... Don't try this at home'. We don't want any of you non wrestlers attempting terrible F5's on our lovely new announce table, but you are more than welcome to pose in all kinds of broken positions on our Spanish table. Unfortunately Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich will not be provided!

    Spanish Announce


  • What would have Monday Night Raw been like without the voices of Jim Ross or Vince McMahon?  


    We are be constructing a Raw announce desk! You can of course pose for a picture at the desk with our headsets on - just like the great announcers over the years.

    Cowboy hat or crown is optional!

    Don't forget, all photos with prop builds are part of your ticket price.

    Raw Announce


  • In 2019, ominous vignettes began airing across WWE programming depicting a sinister buzzard puppet, a witch doll, and various other toys.


    On the April 22 and 23 episodes of RAW and SmackDown Live, respectively, Bray Wyatt began to appear in pre-recorded segments as host of a surreal children's program known as Firefly Fun House. The segments featured the aforementioned puppets and the show was the eventual stage upon which Wyatt's "Fiend" character was announced.


    Fun House

  • Come through the curtain as Ric Flair, Sting and Goldberg in their primes!


    We're building a replica of the classic WCW Nitro entrance stage - and as we mentioned before all photos ops on here are absolutely free!

    The WCW Nitro Entrace Stage

  • Come through those huge letters lik ea pro wrestler!

    We're building a replica of the old school Raw entrance - and as we mentioned before all photos ops on here are absolutely free!

    Old School

    Raw Entrance


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