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The Outsiders

The Outsiders were a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, best known for their appearances in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). They also teamed in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), and Pro Wrestling ZERO1-MAX.

Hall and Nash were occasionally joined by Sean Waltman, forming a trio most frequently known as The Wolfpac. The three men were all real life friends and part of the backstage wrestling group known as "The Kliq".


Hall (wrestling as "Razor Ramon") and Nash (wrestling as "Diesel") first teamed in the World Wrestling Federation in March 1995 , facing Jeff Jarrett and Shawn Michaels in a series of matches at house shows and in dark matches. They teamed once more during the "WWF in High Gear" tour of Germany in April 1995, facing Jarrett and Sycho Sid. Hall and Nash reformed their tag team in January 1996, facing Jarrett and Sycho Sid/Hunter Hearst Helmsley at a series of house shows."The Outsiders" were formed in 1996 when Hall and Nash returned to WCW after leaving the WWF. In the storyline, Hall, better known to fans at the time as Razor Ramon, led an invasion, appearing on WCW programming and insinuating that he was doing so under orders from his WWF employers and warning that he would soon be joined by others. He was joined by former WWF World Heavyweight Champion Nash, then best known as Diesel, two weeks later. A lawsuit from the WWF caused Eric Bischoff to ask The Outsiders point-blank if they worked for the WWF, which both emphatically denied. Their angle was the precursor to the villainous turn of Hulk Hogan and the formation of the New World Order (nWo), a major wrestling storyline that dominated WCW programming for several years afterwards.

The Outsiders captured the WCW World Tag Team Championship six times, first winning them from Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) at Halloween Havoc in October 1996. They dropped the title to The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) at the 1997 Souled Out event, only to have WCW President Eric Bischoff reverse the decision on the next night's episode of Nitro. A near repeat of these events occurred the next month when Hall and Nash lost to the team of Lex Luger and The Giant at SuperBrawl VII, with Bischoff again abusing his power and quickly returning the championship to The Outsiders. The Outsiders became the cornerstones of the nWo and were popular with the fans despite being villains and feuding with fan favorites such as the Steiners and Lex Luger and The Giant. During promos, Hall would occasionally refer to The Outsiders as "The People's Choice" in recognition of their popularity.


In October 1997, fellow nWo and former Kliq member Syxx began substituting for a legitimately injured Nash, teaming with Hall to defend the championship on numerous occasions. The Outsiders and Syxx claimed they were doing this under "Wolfpac Rules", also referring to themselves as The Wolfpac. Hall and Syxx eventually lost the title to The Steiner Brothers on October 13, 1997. The Outsiders and Steiners traded the title back and forth at both televised and non-televised events until Scott Steiner turned on his brother, joining the nWo and giving the title to Hall and Nash.


In May 1998 at Slamboree, The Outsiders were scheduled to defend the tag team titles against Sting and The Giant during a storyline in which the nWo was splitting in two warring factions. Hall turned on Nash during this match, costing them the title as well as dissolving the tag team, having chosen to join nWo Hollywood as opposed to the splinter faction Nash formed under The Wolfpac name. Hall's personal problems began to affect him and while Nash was his enemy, he still showed obvious care and concern for his estranged friend. The split team faced each other once later in the year where Nash repeatedly hit powerbombs on the inebriated Hall into unconsciousness, before leaving the ring to take a countout loss.


They reunited in early 1999, and stayed a team even after the nWo once again fell apart. After an aimless couple of months (Nash lost a retirement match), of just wandering around being pests to the other talent, they won the WCW World Tag Team Championship one last time in December 1999. It did not last, however, as Hall legitimately no-showed an event, thus the title was stripped from them, and the team was dissolved.